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Cover Letter

Hi! My name is Samantha Emily Evans, and I am looking for an entry-level position in book publishing. For my high school graduation present, I attended Book Expo America in New York City. I listened to lectures on hashtags, networked at blogger events, and admired the long stalls of book lovers. I have always loved reading and thought of it as a hobby, but after BEA – or now just BE – I knew it was more than a hobby; it was my passion and my dream profession.

In June 2016, I graduated from the University of St Andrews with a Joint Honours Degree in English and Modern History, 2:1.

During university, I did four work internships. For two summers, I worked for Tennis Channel as a production assistant at the French Open. In my second year, I was personal assistant to the Executive Producer and Director on top of my responsibilities because I always got things done the first time. In the fast-paced world of live television, I handled a multitude of tasks with a smile. I also worked at the Teen Choice Awards and Regnery Publishing, a history and politics publisher, as an editorial intern.

After university, I moved back to Los Angeles where I had three part-time jobs. I worked at Red Hen Press as the Marketing and Publicity Assistant, at an independent bookstore as a bookseller, and as a co-producer of a literary festival supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs.

At Red Hen as assistant, I was responsible for a wide range of tasks. One that I found most interesting was organizing the Managing Editor’s schedule for the London Book Fair. I read through her notes from previous years, contacted previous relationships, researched new people to reach out to, pitched meetings and created her calendar. I wrote and organized notes for each meeting and updated the notes upon her return. I found the role fascinating, as I love gaining a wide understanding of the different groups within the publishing industry.

In April I moved to London for a three-month public relations internship at Midas Public Relations. I assisted on eleven different book campaigns with clients including Pan Macmillan, the British Library, and HarperCollins. I also worked as a receptionist and administrative assistant in the office. I am extremely proud of my work on Ginny Moon, HQ’s lead title. I managed a fourteen-stop blog tour with twenty-three reviewers and launched our first bookstagram campaign, creating over 7,000 engagements. Thank you Microsoft for helping me stay organized. When I saw Ginny Moon on the shelves at WH Smith at the Stansted Airport, I glowed!

Since then, I have found three other part-time jobs: bookseller at WH Smith Selfridges; venue manager at the Bradford Literary Festival; and Social Media Manager for Red Hen Press.

I am a hard-working, creative, and meticulous team player who is passionate about writers, books, and publishing. Thank you for visiting my website. If you would like to get in contact, please email me at